Bike Clinic (Fall Quarter) Starting this Thursday!

…This Thursday, at 5:00 pm to finish in the shop. They’ll run for an hour or so, no sign-up required.

Schedule is as follows:

Thursday, 10/27 (Week 5): Wheels/rims/tires/tubes/truing. Fixing flats, checking wear, using pumps.

11/3 (Week 6): Brakes and shifting. Anything that has to do with the gear systems and stopping systems on a bike.

11/10 (Week 7): Bearing stuff: de-mystifying hubs, bottom brackets and headsets.

11/17 (Week 8): Safety and TBD/miscellaneous.

11/24 (Week 9): TBD, likely how to clean a bike.

12/1 (Week 10): Dead week.

All for now, apologies for radio silence, and thanks for reading!