Spring Quarter Bike Clinic Lineup!

We are excited to announce that beginning the first week of May, we will be hosting repair and maintenance clinics every Monday night from 5:00p-6:00p.

No sign-up required, bring your bikes and bring your friends!

The schedule is as follows:

5/1: Shifting and braking systems: Learn to adjust brakes and gear shifters, and learn to diagnose some common problems you might encounter on the bike.

5/8: Safety and general maintenance: Learn to identify the things that might make your bike unsafe to ride, and learn how to take care of your bike to get the best mileage and value from your components.

5/15: Wheels: Learn to change tires, tubes, broken spokes, and true wheels. Learn to identify when your wheels need service or replacement.

5/22: Bearing systems: Learn to tune bottom brackets, wheel hubs, and headsets. Learn to identify when these critical systems may need maintenance or replacement.

More classes may be added based on demand. Please email asuwbike@uw.edu with any questions or suggestions!