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Summer Quarter 2017

We’re changing it up a bit: our summer quarter hours will be Monday – Thursday, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.

We open back up on the 19th and will be open until school is out in August.

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Spring Quarter Bike Clinic Lineup!

We are excited to announce that beginning the first week of May, we will be hosting repair and maintenance clinics every Monday night from 5:00p-6:00p.

No sign-up required, bring your bikes and bring your friends!

The schedule is as follows:

5/1: Shifting and braking systems: Learn to adjust brakes and gear shifters, and learn to diagnose some common problems you might encounter on the bike.

5/8: Safety and general maintenance: Learn to identify the things that might make your bike unsafe to ride, and learn how to take care of your bike to get the best mileage and value from your components.

5/15: Wheels: Learn to change tires, tubes, broken spokes, and true wheels. Learn to identify when your wheels need service or replacement.

5/22: Bearing systems: Learn to tune bottom brackets, wheel hubs, and headsets. Learn to identify when these critical systems may need maintenance or replacement.

More classes may be added based on demand. Please email with any questions or suggestions!

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Bike Clinic (Fall Quarter) Starting this Thursday!

…This Thursday, at 5:00 pm to finish in the shop. They’ll run for an hour or so, no sign-up required.

Schedule is as follows:

Thursday, 10/27 (Week 5): Wheels/rims/tires/tubes/truing. Fixing flats, checking wear, using pumps.

11/3 (Week 6): Brakes and shifting. Anything that has to do with the gear systems and stopping systems on a bike.

11/10 (Week 7): Bearing stuff: de-mystifying hubs, bottom brackets and headsets.

11/17 (Week 8): Safety and TBD/miscellaneous.

11/24 (Week 9): TBD, likely how to clean a bike.

12/1 (Week 10): Dead week.

All for now, apologies for radio silence, and thanks for reading!


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Employee application opening soon

We will be opening applications for a mechanic slot at the shop. With one of our current guys leaving end of Fall quarter, we’ll have an opening and will start accepting resumes around week 7/8.

Will post more info as we get further into the quarter.

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Summer Quarter Hours

We are closed next week, June 11 – June 19, and we will re-open June 20 for summer quarter. Our summer quarter hours are 12 – 5, Monday – Thursday.

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Manager Application Open!

The application to be manager of the bike shop for next year is now open! If you are passionate about bicycles, and you can see yourself working hard to make cycling on campus as easy and accessible as possible for the UW community, this is a very unique opportunity that I strongly believe is both the most challenging and most rewarding job a student could have on campus.

While experience at the ASUW Bike Shop, or general experience working on bikes or at another bike shop is desirable, NEITHER are required.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the position! Apply here by Sunday, April 10.

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Become a Bike Buddy!

Hey UW Cyclists!

Anyone interested in directly improving our campus cycling culture by helping fellow Huskies get to school by bike?

It can be hard to figure out how to get started as a bike commuter. A lot of us have already figured it out. This year, UW Transportation Services is starting a Bike Buddy program for “Bike Everywhere Month,” which is this May.

More information here!
Sign up here!

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Open Finals Week, Closed Spring Break

We are open this week! If you finish finals and want to get your bike geared up for the upcoming sunshine, you should really come hang out in the bike shop.

We will be closed next week for spring break.

We will be open Monday-Friday 11-5 for spring quarter, starting Mar 28. Come by!

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Winter Maintenance Classes

Some people put their bikes up when winter rolls around to Seattle. Others sign up for bike maintenance classes, like the ones we’re offering throughout the quarter, and learn how to do all of their own maintenance. Check out the schedule in the tab above, and email if you’re interested in registering!

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Closed for Winter Break (after today)

We will re-open January 4!

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