Biking in Seattle

Bicycle Registration

UWPD as well as police departments across the country utilize programs to track stolen bikes and alert authorities. The two relevant programs in Seattle are Project 529 and Bike Index.

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Seattle Bike Laws

  • Helmets- yes, it unlawful to ride a bike without a helmet, and you can be ticketed if caught without one!
  • Lights- during hours of darkness, you must have a front white light (visible for at least 500ft), and a rear reflector. it is highly¬†recommended to also utilize a rear light during hours of darkness
  • Traffic signals- bicycles operated on the roadway must obey all vehicular laws; stop at stop signs/stop lights, signal before turning, etc.

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For a comprehensive and detailed outline of seattle’s bicycle laws, please visit

Bicycling Resources

The Seattle Department of Transportation has many valuable resources on their website. Below is the link for the famous Seattle Bike Map.

Commute Concierge

Visit UW’s Commute Concierge page to learn about different ways to get to campus!

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