Lars Johnson

Major: Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.
Expected graduation: 2016, Sometime….
Current bike of choice: 1986 Schwinn Super Sport (it’s pretty cool, I swear)
Favorite Quotes:“It never gets easier, you just go faster.” -Greg LeMond
“Rule 5: HTFU” -unknown
Favorite biking Story: One of my fondest cycling memories is the first time I rode the Seattle to Portland ride. It was over 100 degrees both days and this was by far the longest ride we had been on at this point in time. Some things I remember in particular are that we were still a couple hours from the place we were staying overnight and while riding along a lake, dying in the heat we pulled over and jumped in wearing all our cycling gear. After a refreshing swim we finished the day without too much trouble. All was well until we had to wake up the next day after a not-so-restful night, sore from the previous day’s ride. That’s when we realized that the damp gear that had been refreshing yesterday was still damp but it was only about 50 degrees outside now. It ended up being a chilly few hours until the sun came out in full force again. I ended the ride slightly delirious and with the worst sun burn of my life but I’ll never forget crossing the finish line for the first time, and how good the food and beer afterwards tasted.